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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore

See the gallery of installations on the fabulous new P&O ship Azura cruising her maiden year and on her sister ship Ventura, launched 2 years ago.

The Silk Forest have been improving the ambience of a whole range of marine environments since 1992. We specialise in the creation of visual displays for public & accommodation space.

We warm the rooms, we smooth the edges. We can add the atmosphere and complement the space.

Sometimes our work can be the feature that provides the WOW!

At other times, it should be as inconspicuous as a good waiter and as noticeable as wallpaper- neither distract from the experience but it wouldn't be an experience without them.

There are things you can't do on board that you can on land because the building doesn't move. Then again, there are things you must do on board, like understand IMO Fire Standards and the special nature of marine installations.
We understand launch deadlines, turnround schedules, the pressure of a refit. In short, we deliver, on time, to spec, to budget.   More...

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Download the Marine & Offshore brochure. 

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