hello kitty topiary for theme park

Hello Kitty™ topiary

We joined forces with RMA Ltd for the construction of a topiary Kitty for the Hello Kitty Secret Garden at Drusilla’s Park near Eastbourne. This was to feature in the Car Ride area outdoors.

Starting with a still image from the TV show, we were asked to recreate a topiary Kitty which both accurately represented the image, and could also stand up to the south coast weather in all seasons.

Because the construction had to be solid enough to withstand the wind and rain, the foliage structures used were a particularly heavy grade, which by their very nature, made the detail more challenging to execute.

Exposure to the sun is also problematic, especially the ultra-violet component, which can fade the dyes in artificial foliage in months. This had to be a permanent installation, so the foliage was impregnated with a UV inhibitor to resist the effects of the sun.

The result looked great, and because of the extra care taken to protect the finished piece against the elements, our topiary Kitty is set to look pristine for many years to come!