Specialists in the creation of foliage schemes for cruise ships, ferries and yachts

The Silk Forest has been producing stunning faux foliage schemes for a whole range of marine environments since 1992. We specialise in the creation of visual displays tailored for cruise ships, ferries and yachts.

Designers love our products and schemes for their ability to instantly transform a space, adding warmth, texture and colour to any setting.

As with all commissions, we can provide a simple, efficient product delivery service based on your own specification, or we can work with you to create a scheme.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities involved when incorporating faux plants and trees on board a cruise vessel. There are things you can’t do on water that you can on land because the building doesn’t move! Then again, there are things you must do on board, like understand IMO Fire Standards and the special nature of marine installations.

Leading cruise ship brands that have used The Silk Forest